Mortal Kombat X


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About Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X mobile is an interesting game for anyone who likes playing mobile games. It is a simple game to understand, meaning that even for beginners it does not offer a lot of challenges to play. The game has a battle mode whereby you are supposed to fight in order to get Koins, rewards and unlock new characters. There is also a daily event in which you can boost the number of Koins by taking parts in several events.

What is involved in the game?

In real sense, this is not purely a fighting game. It combines aspects of character building, card game and the actual fighting is just left to swipes and taps. You can perform specialized moves when the energy bars goes up. There are no button combinations for fatality and combo attacks. The game has great graphics that makes it even more interesting to play from your mobile device. As you play, you are required to come up with characters, pay to purchase Koins and Souls, so that you can unlock the characters.

In app purchases

There are in app purchases where you can purchase some items you need to play. At times, you are also required to wait in order for your characters to recharge, so that you can move to the other stage. You can wait up to six minutes, unless you decide to buy Souls. One thing you need to note is that it can be hard to acquire the Souls, making purchasing them the best option. If you are the kind of a player who likes building characters as you play, then Mortal Kombat X Mobile is a great choice for you.

The fighting is simplified, because there are no heavy swipe attacks. All you need to do is to tap and then your character will make the decision on the two combos they should bust out. One great thing about Mortal Kombat X Mobile is that you have an extra helper. You choose your preferred helper before you begin to play.

Rewards and purchases

As you go up the level, you have the chance to get rewarded with gold Koins, Souls and silver Koins. You use the gold Koins to purchase the upgrades and silver characters. Then, you are supposed to use the silver Koins to buy random cards that are beneficial. Souls are beneficial in helping you stop waiting and also assist in unlocking the gold characters.